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Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Nothing is outside, everything is within you. Breathe, listen, hear, sing, see, move from within, the core, heart... And within is light, love, harmony, joy, gratitude...

Breathe in, breathe out the life... Embrace all that you truly are…

You are the beacon of light. It's time to rise and shine bright...

I am really excited about launching my first single “Luminous” on my birthday 7.7.21, as a gratitude for my half-century-long life in the heart of Mother Earth and the universe.

Dedicated in gratitude to all the sentient beings on our Earth Planet & Universe in Love, Light, Harmony…

Special thanks to all that touched my life…

While listening*

Everything is in a state of vibration and the use of frequency with an intent brings healing. While listening set an intent, just open your heart and let yourself melt, dissolve in the soothing, transmuting, healing sounds…

* Recommended listening with headphones.



1. Luminous

2. Luminous (remastered)

Production: Alchemy of Sounds

Producer: Gonca Gürses

Mixing&Mastering: Ceyda Pirali

Live-home recording: Gonca Gürses

Soloist&Vocals: Gonca Gürses

Instruments: Himalayan Singing Bowls, Bell&Dorje, Ting Shaw

Music&Lyrics: Gonca Gürses

Cover Art: Forging Mind

Graphic Design: Emre Azap

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