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Sacred Sound & Cacao Ceremony


We set on a journey inside with the healing sounds and raw cacao, which has been used in ceremonies in South America for thousands of years and is considered sacred. Cacao supports us to communicate easily with our inner guidance and the vibrations of healing sounds open up

the field to a deeper level.

During the ceremony, we can free ourselves from the burdens, get rid of negative or old emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and thinking patterns that

no longer serve us.

While receiving healing at a cellular level in the magical vibrational field of sacred sound, cacao works especially on the blockages of the heart and opens up a space to live the feeling of being connected with our inner self, truth, divine light in love and gratitude. In this inner journey,

the inaudible becomes heard, the invisible becomes visible.

Every ceremony and experience is unique.

* No prior experience is needed, everyone is welcome!

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